Vendor: Snallygaster Fibers

How has your company grown, from its origins to today?

Our business has grown not in the number of employees, but in our bases of yarn.  We started with only a sock weight, and have grown to include worsted, bulky and a thick-thin bulky/aran that has a sparkle.  Another addition is the introduction of roving.


How do you go about developing and naming new colors of yarns?


Our developing process is in two methods. One is that we throw out names that we have always loved the idea of doing and then find a color combination to match it.  The other is to come up with a color combination that we truly adore and create a name that suits it.



What makes your company special?


 Our company is special in the spiraling striping yarn that we create. As well as our focus on locally named colorways that include a small history lesson for that colorway.  Our bright and saturated colors also tend to set us apart.

Do you have an Etsy shop or website?

We do have an etsy account: .  

We also have a website: