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Squooshy. That is really the best way to describe Gerty, 100% American Targhee.  Amongst spinners and fleece people, Targhee seems to be the fiber of the moment.  In addition to softness, the fiber is noted for a 3 to 5 inch length and lands at 22 to 25 microns, with lots of crimp, this fiber takes color well. 


Targhee is a relatively new breed, developed in 1926 in Idaho, it is a cross-breed of Rambouillet rams and Corriedale and Lincoln/Rambouillet ewes, then back-crossed. The breeding was undertaken to get a sheep that produced both fiber and meat, and was suitable for ranching in the West and high plains.  As breed specific fiber becomes a greater focus among dyers and producers, we are re-discovering things that have been hiding in plain sight.  Hello Targhee!

Noted for soft and fluffy fiber, this merino-like fiber feels silky.


Fiber ethically sourced in U.S.A


Fiber content: 100% American Targhee

Weight: Fingering (non-Superwash)

Yardage: 390 yd / 357 m / 100 grams

Knitting Gauge: 7.5 - 5.5 sts / in US #1-6

Color: Semi-solid, Tonal, Variegated
Drafting method: Worsted spun
Dye: Hand dyed
Ply: 3-ply

Put up:  Twisted skein, winding required

Care Instructions: Hand Wash, Dry Flat



Anzula Gerty “Carbite Freesia”

$42.00 Regular Price
$34.44Sale Price

Xmas in July

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