Puni’ is a term traditionally used to describe short staple fibers like cotton after hand carding and rolling off into a small, thin roll. Basically, it’s a mini Rolag, much smaller and tighter. Punis originally refer to fiber prep for cotton. Cotton has an extremely tiny staple length and so carding it up and rolling it up tightly on a stick created an easier way to spin and work with the fiber. The fibers are carded and blended using hand cards and then carefully rolled up tightly on a stick or knitting needle to create compact, easy to manage little bundles of fiber for spinning.


Ready-to-spin, cotton punis are the perfect companion fiber for the Charkha, although they can, of course, be spun on any wheel. The way the punis are prepared from cotton fiber makes spinning cotton a pleasure. They are the perfect size to carry around for portable spinning on your drop spindle. They come in 4 oz bundles. Approximately 40 punis per bundle.


Click here to learn how to spin your punis on a wheel

Click here to learn how to spin your punis on a drop spindle

100% natural undyed cotton


Fibrety White Cotton Punis for Spinning