Last Knitter Standing is a game with trivia and challenge cards in order to find the best knitter.

Game includes a spinner to select which type of cards to draw, a sand timer, and four different types of cards. Players must supply their own needles and yarn which serves as each player's scoreboard, as well as being used for certain types of challenges.

A fun and exciting knitting game for your next knit night or get-together! Cast on a few rows and laugh, learn, and test your knowledge with your friends. Answer questions right and knit a few rows. Answer wrong and rip them out! At the end of the game, the knitter with the most knitted rows at is the winner! Will YOU be the Last Knitter Standing?

The player will spin the spinner, and one of the opponents will read the card of the type indicated. Trivia questions will have the player knit rows for correct answers, and rip out stitched rows (frogging, for knitters out there) for wrong answers. Some cards require challenges to add rows, such as knitting with eyes closed. Other cards involve words, such as scrambled words, or listing knitting terms, where the amount answered adds rows. Lastly, there are cards that mess with the other players, such as having to swap knitting with another player (remember that the knitting is the scoreboard), or to force another player to remove rows.

Player with the most knitted rows at the end of the game wins.

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Last Knitter Standing: A Knitting Game