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Autumn 2022: The Loft Issue

  • Have you ever wondered how to get your yarn to be light and lofty instead of dense and drapey?
  • Want to know what fibers and fiber preps make the loftiest yarn?
  • Did you know that you can ply to preserve loft, finish for loft, and brush for loft?
  • Ever been interested in spinning a lofty corespun yarn?

The Loft issue has everything you’ll need to spin the loftiest yarns of your life. If you’ve wondered about the loftiest breeds, batts, and blends; if you’re seeking the loftiest rolags, wanting to add the most air to your draft, or wanting to brush your way to an intensely lofty halo; if you want to know how to preserve loft when plying and finishing, this issue has you covered. Plus the projects are as light as air, begging to be blended, spun, knit, and woven. Don’t miss this gorgeous issue; you and your spinning deserve a little loft in your life.

PLY Magazine Issue 39 Winter 2022: NECK AND SHOULDERS

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