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Let yourself be inspired by the marine-motif of these Sea World tape measures. Features 4 different sea creatures! We offer you an original collection imagined by BOHIN of France.


Unbreakable 2" diameter ABS case. Quality guaranteed: thanks to the fibreglass fabric (not plastic), these tape measures are particularly flexible and dimensionally stable. Precise marking is the prerequisite for equally precise measurements. Double scale in cm on one side and inches on the other. Metal tip.


A retaining mechanism keeps the tape measure in the desired position during work. At the push of a button, a spring mechanism automatically returns the tape back into its housing and winds it up neatly inside. The simple and practical application makes this a useful accessory for knitting, crochet, weaving, sewing, tailoring, and do-it-yourself work. Tape width: 10 mm

Sea World 60" Tape Measure

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