Uncover the long thread of spinning with Spin Off Summer 2020, the Handspun Histories Issue. Connect to cotton’s deep roots in the American Southwest. Share in a handspinner’s passion for antique spinning wheels. Learn why the United States suffered from Merino mania in the nineteenth century. Plus, get to know Karakul, a multicoated heritage sheep breed that’s a must-spin for rug weavers.

  • Follow along as Stephenie Gaustad lovingly repairs Alden Amos’ handspun, handwoven shirt, thread by thread.
  • Investigate the reddish and golden locks of three sheep breeds, the gingers of the fiber world.
  • Learn more about weaving with hemp singles, an often overlooked bast fiber.
  • Make a customized sweater that fits your shape with Josefin Waltin.
  • Plus, find four projects to knit and weave.

Spin Off Summer 2020

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