Teresa Ruch Designs' hand dyed 100% Tencel yarn is dyed in Portland, OR and is perfect for weaving, knitting and crochet projects. Each skein features well saturated and vibrant colorways. Tencel is an excellent silk alternative that provides excellent hand and drape. This particular Tencel is made from "junk" hardwood trees grown in Canada in poor soil and very little water, is biodegradable and is considered an environmentally friendly product.


For knitters/crocheters, this is a heavy lace weight/light fingering that works well with up to a #4 needle. Using a US #1 knitting needle would produce a nice lace weight scarf.The weaving sett is 20 epi plain, 24 epi twill with a 10/2 weft. One skein is enough for a scarf or shawl or the warp for a 7x80" scarf.


Fiber Content: 100% Tencel

Yardage: 520 yards per 4 oz skein

Weight: Heavy lace/light fingering. 2 ply, 5/2 weight

Gauge: 7 stitches by 9 rows using a US #4 needle.

Care Instructions: Handwash separately in warm water, lay flat to dry

Teresa Ruch Designs Tencel "Red Dawn"