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Summer Stash Swap FAQ:

How do I swap my stash?

Call us at 410-662-9276 to register as a stash seller/swapper by Wednesday, July 10th. On Saturday, July13th, come to the shop to set up by 10:30am, so we can be ready at 11am when the shop opens. 


How much does it cost to swap my stash and how does the money work?

To sell/swap your stash it will cost $10.  Buyers will trade in their cash/credit for "Lovely Dollars" that they will use to pay you. At the end of the swap you can trade in your "Lovely Dollars" for a store credit at face value OR you can cash out for real money for a 20% fee e.g. If you make $100 in "Lovely Dollars" you will receive a store credit for $100 OR you can take home $80 of real cash.

Do I need to be there the whole time?

The stash swap will be held 11am - 3pm on Saturday, July 13th.  You are welcome and encouraged to stay for the duration, however you can cash out/claim your store credit and leave early with the remains of your stash at any time.

How do I price my stash yarns?

That is entirely up to you. You will be the deciding force on how much you would like to charge for each skein of yarn you would like sell/swap.

Can I be a seller/swapper AND a buyer?

Absolutely! You will be able to purchase yarns from other swappers with your "Lovely Dollars"

What kind of yarn can I bring to swap?

Any yarn that you want provided there are no tangles, bugs, funky smells or pet hairs/dander in it.

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