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Fingering Weight

100% Organic Cotton.

200 grams per 875 yards


Queensland's Fine Weight Rainbow Cake yarn is a delightful treat for your crafting projects. Made from 100% organic cotton, this yarn is not only soft and lightweight but also comes in a generous 200-gram skein with 875 yards of yarny goodness. Each skein of Rainbow Cake yarn offers ample yardage for a variety of fine weight projects. Whether you're crocheting delicate garments, knitting intricate lace patterns, or creating colorful accessories, Rainbow Cake yarn provides the perfect canvas for your creativity to flourish. The yarn self stripes and unfolds as you create! Indulge in the natural beauty and eco-consciousness of Queensland's Rainbow Cake yarn, where every stitch reflects the quality and sustainability of organic cotton. Elevate your crafting experience with this fine weight yarn and bring a burst of color and comfort to your handmade creations.

Queensland Collection Rainbow Cake "Ivory" 101

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