Meet the members of Team Lovely


Melissa Salzman, Shop Owner/Chief Yarn Slinger


I’m a Baltimore native with a background in Studio Art. My husband, David Showalter, also an artist, and I share our Mt. Vernon apartment with 10 fish, 1 snail, a handful of ghost shrimp and a fiddler crab. When I have free time I like to be outside running around. 

I'm a good knitter, a dubious crocheter, a novice drop spinner, and a beginner weaver. I took up knitting for the second time about 16 years ago (the first was as a very small child) when a friend suggest we knit instead of snacking while watching TV. Now, I'm just into everything; I want to know how to do ALL of the things!


I feel very lucky to have a job that feels doesn't feel like work. I enjoy the company of my creative cohorts, Linda and Jayne as well as the community of makers who frequent my shop. My advice to you is to take a class and learn a new skill to up your game and add more tools to your belt. We have some wonderful instructors here who can help guide you on your creative journey.


Linda Rosenthal, Head Colorist/Freeform Knitter


A native Baltimorean, I have had many professional lives: portrait and wedding photographer, florist, fine artist, and jewelry maker are just some of my skills. I have been knitting for 30+ years and am a free-form knitter as the rebel in me does not like to conform to patterns. I also enjoy needle felting, tassel making, and collage. I discovered Dorset Buttons a few years ago and that led me to develop my version of free-form weaving. I’ve worked at Lovelyarns for 5 years and what I enjoy most are the people who visit the shop and being surrounded by yarns that inspire my creations.


Jayne Trentanove, Knitter/Problem-Solver


The only non-Baltimorean in the bunch…I am a native New Yorker (born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island) who now resides in Original Northwood. I learned to knit literally at my Grandmother’s knees when I was about 8 years old. I still have items she knit for my Mother in the 1940s (so take care of your knits for future generations to enjoy). Knitting was my first fiber craft. I later ventured into needlepoint, rug hooking, counted cross stitch and sewing, but came back to knitting full-time about 20 years ago.


I discovered Lovelyarns shortly after I moved to Baltimore from the DC-area about 13 years ago. From the start, the shop has had a warm, welcoming vibe and it became my LYS. About 6 years ago, I started working here part-time. I hesitate to use the term ‘work’ as being in the shop is a joy and not work. This is such a happy place. Fiber people are generally happy, pleasant people and even if they have a problem with their WIPs, they are generally still in a good mood. My favorite part of the ‘job’ is helping anyone who runs into a problem with their WIP or is feeling a bit frustrated. I cannot say just how much I love turning that frustration into an HA-HA moment of understanding. Also, I’m a knitting nerd. I love learning obscure tidbits about knitting. For example, where did the terms Raglan and Cardigan come from? Hint: It has to do with British aristocracy and two wars. Yup, real nerd.